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A Leader In Proprietary Trading.

Who We Are

Avatar Securities, LLC is a leading proprietary trading firm based in New York City with an office in Chicago. We are a technology-centric equity and equity options broker-dealer, specializing in supporting experienced traders. Our commitment is to help traders excel and provide the tools and capital they need to thrive in a constantly evolving financial landscape.


Best of breed discretionary equities platforms, proprietary API, co-located servers, redundant infrastructure.


Direct market access with a myriad of routing capabilities to all destinations including a variety of dark pools and highly intelligent smart order routing systems.


Custom built reporting engine offers transparent access to executions and fees.

Risk Management

Multi-layer risk management controls designed to protect the firm and it’s members while allowing traders to thrive in any market condition.

Avatar Securities is a fully staffed and well-capitalized firm that allows traders and portfolio managers to focus on the execution, analysis, and growth of their strategies. Our in-house trade desk, development team, technology staff, and back office ensure every step of the trade life-cycle is receiving expert attention. 

Our collaborative culture is a unique part of Avatar that ensures an unmatched opportunity to enhance alpha generation across our trade desk. Our experienced traders have access to teams of developers and quants to develop strategies.

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