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Trading from Anywhere for Professional Traders

How Remote Prop Trading Works

Remote proprietary trading is an excellent option for experienced professional traders who cannot travel to any of our trading floors. At Avatar Securities, our firm has been supporting remote trading for over 10 years, and we strive to provide the same level of support to all our traders, regardless of their location.

Remote traders use VPNs or SSLs to log into our direct market access (DMA) platforms that are co-located at the exchange. All information, including P&L reports, account statements, compliance and platform documents, earning/economic calendars, and fee schedules, is available on the portal to view at any time.

Support for Remote Traders

We understand that remote traders need support and our remote traders are an instant message, email, or phone call away from our trade desk, tech support, and trading managers. In case of any technical issues, our support desk can assist traders through screen-sharing software to resolve the issue.

To start remote prop trading with Avatar Securities, a trader’s workstation needs to meet the minimum recommended system requirements. We can also set up traders with custom-built trading computers specifically designed for their needs as a professional trader. Each system is built to order and is stress tested to ensure speed and system stability.

Connectivity is everything in trading, and that’s why we recommend fast and reliable internet connections when trading. Trading requires a decent download speed, especially when the market is extremely active. To trade unhindered, we recommend a minimum download speed of 25mbps over ethernet. Wifi is not recommended. We also recommend our remote traders have either a business-class connection or two redundant residential-class internet connections from separate ISPs in case of disruption.

For traders sensitive to latency, we can facilitate dedicated circuits from your home or private office to our servers at NY4.

Unleash Your Trading Potential with the Leading Firm for Remote Trading.

If you’re a professional trader looking for the flexibility and freedom of remote prop trading, learn more about our opportunities and how we can help you achieve your trading goals by visiting our careers page for experienced traders.

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