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Work-Life Balance

Enjoy autonomy in a casual dress, laid back work environment. Participate in company sponsored intramural activities.

Our trading floors offer a fun, competitive, and collaborative environment.

prop trading desk

New York, NY

Next to Madison Square Park
In-suite gym and showers
Redundant internet connectivity
On-site tech support
Large open trading floor
Close to PATH trains

Steps from Madison Square Park

Avatar recently moved to its custom-built headquarters in the heart of Manhattan.  Traders enjoy top of the line connectivity, networking infrastructure and premier hardware.  Every aspect of this office was carefully planned and custom built with the modern trader’s needs in mind.  In addition, traders benefit from direct proximity to the area’s top U.S. equities traders, as well as an in-suite gym, showers, and break area.

nyc proprietary trader
nyc prop trader
day trading firm

Chicago, IL

Get in the Loop.

With offices in Chicago since 2010, Avatar has a permanent office in the heart of Chicago’s financial district featuring some of the area’s top equities and equity options talent.  This site houses both individuals and trading groups that benefit from the full support of Avatar’s NYC location.  

Support for trading groups
Redundant internet connectivity
On-site tech support
In-building fitness center
Break room
A prop trader on our Chicago trading desk
Avatar Securities Chicago trading floor
chicago trading floor
prop trader
trade desk
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