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A Format For Growth

Our philosophy is to partner with the best traders and build a relationship that helps the trader grow, meet their goals, and ultimately maximize returns.

Experienced Traders

Trading with Avatar, experienced traders will find highly competitive rates and the possibility of enhanced capitalization in our Austin, New York, or Chicago trading floors or within the comfort of their own home.

Trading Groups

Avatar aggressively recruits successful trading groups. We encourage individuals and groups to take an entrepreneurial approach to trading, leveraging their own expertise to grow a business around them. We will actively work with groups on the logistics of growth — including the recruitment of new traders and the capital leverage necessary to expand.

Why Trade at Avatar?

Access to Capital & Flexible Deal Structures

  • Unique deal structures to cater towards each trader’s unique risk tolerance, capital needs, and goals.
  • Aggressive rates and payouts

Agnostic Technology Approach

  • We recognize that the look and feel of an execution platform is important and do not force traders onto any specific platform.
  • Fully integrated with direct connections to Takion, Sterling, and Lightspeed

Trading Floors and Remote Trading Capabilities

  • Permanent and professionally designed trading floors in Ausin, New York, and Chicago
  • No desk fee / no hidden monthly fees
  • Remote traders have instant access to dedicated support staff for timely resolution to any technical issue or risk management need
  • Firm wide instant messaging platform

Proprietary Technology, Data, and Locates

  • Locate Finder with access to robust and unique vendor liquidity for Locates and Pre-borrows
  • Back testing tools
  • Low latency API co-located at NY4
  • Customizable GUI
  • Proprietary trade reporting portal
  • Full Stack in house development teams


  • Simplified taxes and deductibles
  • Traders receive distributions monthly and all fees are deducted as a top line expense before splits
  • Trading members receive a yearly Schedule K-1
  • Medical and Dental insurance options

Series Exam Reimbursement

  • Avatar offers a reimbursement program to cover the cost of your Series 57TO study material

Find Out More!

If you are interested in finding out what Avatar Securities can do for you, please fill in your information below and a partner will get in touch with you.

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